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Sailing Center Chesapeake!
Youth Sailing in Southern Maryland.
Please see our websites for more info:
Sailing Center Chesapeake

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Tall Timbers Marina

18521 Herring Creek Road
Box 9
Tall Timbers, MD 20690


Phone: 301-994-1508
Fax: 301-994-2613

The annual Parade of Lights at Tall Timbers Marina and The Reluctant Navigator Restaurant is
a time for all of our Friends and Neighbors to get together and celebrate our past year.
And we have Tons Of FUN!!

Every year in December we start with a Parade of Lights.  Boats decorate themselves and then
take a short cruise down the shoreline so the neighbors on shore can grade them. 
Meanwhile, those cruising down the shoreline grade the houses on the shore!!

After the cruise we all meet at The Reluctant Navigator Restaurant for a Pot Luck dinner and
Awards Ceremony!!  Everyone is a Winner!!

This year the Tall Timbers Marina Parade of Lights is on December 3, 2016!

Check out photos from our past Parade of Lights celebrations HERE!
Parade Of Lights!
Tall Timbers Marina The Reluctant Navigator Restaurant The Best Kept Secret On The Potomac
You Can't Build Old ~ You Have To Earn It. Celebrating 56 Years of The Same Mis-Management